Pathfinder for Ferocious Fey Fighters... and Erik

The Recovery

After gaining access to the great city of Ikthar our heroes were propositioned by the temple of Iomidae to recover a stolen relic. The heroes headed into the northern forest to begin the search and stumbled onto a coven of summoners. Unfortunately the summoners did not allow the heroes to investigate their premises and the heroes were forced to defend themselves.

None of the summoners survived the altercation.

A few days later the heroes found the cave where the actual idol was being held. The cave was infested by demons that had turned on the incompetent diabolists that summoned them. The demons were slain, the relic was recovered, and all was well again in the world.

The Fall of One Eyed Jack

Upon wrecking on the Ikthari Coast, the party elected to spend the night on the beach, where they were assaulted by three bandits. After making their way to Ikthar, they were offered a reward and passes into the city if they dealt with the bandit leader One Eyed Jack. After traveling north into the forest, the party discovered the bandit hideout near a small watchtower. The bandits were dealt with and the party returned to Ikthar with the head of One Eyed Jack. This allowed the party to travel to and from Ikthar quite freely.

False. Wrong. Incorrect.
air strike of justice

Contrary to popular opinion, Alesander is actually the greatest paladin, possibly of all time.

What you don’t understand is that he is basically like an air strike of justice.

Indiscriminate and overpowering everything he touches is obliterated by his holy fervour, including the occasion civilian who was probably asking for it anyways.

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July 7th, 2013

John is still the worst paladin. It is only a matter of time before he murders us and consumes our still-beating hearts, in hope of converting us.


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